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Nollywood Actor Amaechi Muonagor Seeks Assistance for Health Challenges

Last updated on November 4th, 2023 at 09:44 pm

Amaechi Muonagor, a respected figure in the Nollywood industry, has reached out for help due to a serious health issue. This plea comes shortly after John Okafor, also known as Mr. Ibu, openly sought prayers and financial support for a health condition that has raised concerns about potential leg amputation.

In a video that recently went viral, the veteran actor shared his struggles, revealing that he is currently dealing with paralysis, which has impacted half of his left leg. The 61-year-old actor was seen in the video lying in bed, reaching out to his fans and colleagues for financial assistance.

He explained that he didn’t initially disclose his illness publicly because he didn’t anticipate it would persist for this long. Muonagor recounted the onset of his health issues while on a movie set with fellow actors, and how it has progressively worsened over time.

“I’m sick, this thing that is called stroke caught up with me… I was about to enter my car when I was struck with this problem and since then it has been getting worse. Right now, I can’t move, I can’t walk on my own. Half of my left leg is paralyzed, my left hand is not movable, so it is a problem for me,” he expressed.

He earnestly called on individuals with goodwill to come to his aid, seeking assistance for his paralysis condition that has affected half of his body.

In response to the situation, actor Agbogidi Clemson Cornell attributed the recurring health challenges faced by Nollywood actors to a lack of rest and self-care. He pointed out that due to the demanding nature of the job, many of his colleagues struggle to find time to rest and address their health concerns.

It’s worth noting that in 2016, there were reports suggesting that Amaechi Muonagor was battling diabetes. Since then, the actor has been absent from the movie scene, and there have been rumors about his departure from the industry.


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