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Cristiano Ronaldo: I Wish Arsenal Victory

Last updated on October 19th, 2023 at 02:05 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo has expressed his aspiration to continue playing football until the age of 40, with his sights set on what is likely to be his fifth and final World Cup in Qatar. Despite turning down a lucrative offer from Saudi Arabia amounting to €350 million over two seasons, Ronaldo rebuffed claims that there was a lack of interest from other European clubs.

Addressing the English Premier League race, Ronaldo voiced his hope that Manchester United secures the title, but if not, he wouldn’t begrudge Arsenal for winning it. He shared his appreciation for the Arsenal team and their trainers, emphasizing their capabilities.

Reflecting on recent events at Manchester United, Ronaldo revealed feeling provoked by what he perceived as a lack of respect from manager Eric ten Hag. This stemmed from Ten Hag’s decision not to field him against Tottenham, a move that left Ronaldo feeling undervalued.

Regarding his contentious departure from Old Trafford, Ronaldo believed it was intentional and expressed his disappointment in how the situation was handled by the club. He asserted that he has never encountered such issues with any other club or manager.

Manchester United, in response to the interview, announced they would review their approach once they had a complete understanding of the situation.

Ronaldo’s commitment to the game remains resolute, as he looks forward to contributing on the field until the age of 40. He expressed his eagerness for the upcoming World Cup, acknowledging the controversies surrounding the event but emphasizing the importance of focusing on the competition itself. Ronaldo believes that people should be able to enjoy the tournament, and despite the unique timing at the start of the season, he views it as both intriguing and a challenge.


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